Colleen and Martin Kratz, Owners of Springview Academy, currently reside in Mt. Pleasant with their three children; Landon (10), Reilly (8), and Carlin (4) . Opening a high quality preschool was always a lifelong dream of Colleen's that became a reality in 2009. Springview Academy is a home away from home for all of the children. Springview helps build a creative foundation for a lifetime of learning within your child. Colleen has been working in the early childhood field for the last 15+ years and is very excited to work with the teachers, parents & children of Springview Academy.

Colleen and Martin Kratz, Owners of Springview Academy


Morwen Alexander, Executive Director, resides in Summerville with her three children--Raney (13), Harter (6), and Mansfield (2). Morwen has been working with Springview Academy from the early planning stages, and she provides classroom and curriculum support for our teachers.


Summerville's Administration

  • Morwen Alexander

    Kacee Mangham

  • Jessi McInvale

    Brandi Richards
    Assistant Director

Summerville's Teaching Team

Little Lovebugs - Miss Simone, Miss Alanna, Miss Nia, Miss Alexis, & Miss Ashley

Creeping Caterpillars - Miss Michelle, Miss Yasmin, & Miss Gracie

Blossoming Butterflies - Miss Rachael, Miss Taylor, & Miss Hayley

Daring Dragonflies - Miss Jen, Miss Destiny, & Miss Morgan

Busy Bumblebees - Miss Miss Rachel, Miss Abby,  & Miss Carmella

Curious Crickets - Miss Sharita, Miss Kaci, & Miss Issa

Brainy Bookworms - Miss Connie, Miss Allie, & Miss Jo

Mt. Pleasant's Administration

  • Jessi McInvale

    Jessi McInvale

  • Lisa Russell

    Lisa Russell
    Assistant Director


Mt. Pleasant's Teaching Team

Little Lovebugs - Miss Marie, Miss Alyssa, Miss Angel, Miss Nya, & Miss Samantha

Creeping Caterpillars - Miss Pattie & Miss Kristal

Blossoming Butterflies - Miss Jvonshatta, Miss Maile, Miss Kayla, & Miss Traci

Daring Dragonflies - Miss Jasmine, Miss Sarah, & Miss Autumn

Busy Bumblebees - Miss Renee, Miss Cassandra, & Miss Marion

Fearless Fireflies - Miss Cassy, Miss Crystal, & Miss Mikayla

Curious Crickets - Miss Sam, Miss Aeryn, & Miss Natasha

Brainy Bookworms - Miss Selena, Miss Najeri, & Miss Justine